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In the 2023 Version, the title of this Chapter was changed to reflect that some vessels without class actually have global trading as per it’s certificate.

Chapter 20 applies to all vessels with trading certificate other than fishing vessels. The vessels in question are freighters, passenger vessels, specialised vessels for fish farming, barges, lighters and the like that trade in Nordic waters. Many clauses are identical to the clauses in Chapter 17 and certain clauses in Chapter 10. Section 2 contains the clauses for the standard hull insurance with limited machinery cover. Section 3 contains the clause for extended hull cover i.e. extended cover of damage to machinery, and Section 4 contains three options for limited cover.

The purpose of this new Chapter is to present a set of easily accessible clauses for hull cover for vessels with limited trading areas. Thus, Chapter 20 provides a special cover for vessels with limited trading areas and constitutes a supplement to the other rules of the Plan. The hull part of this Chapter (Sections 2 and 3) is an addition to the general hull part of the Plan (Chapters 10 to 13). Except for the provisions in the vessel’s trading certificate, there is no clear dividing line between vessels that are insured according to Chapters 10 to 13 of the Plan and vessels that are insured under this Chapter.